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Monday, June 15, 2009


After hectic and lonely seven months, today exam was finally over and now heading to home country for one month. Nevertheless, there are many things I got to settle before I hit to that “deserted Island” (in terms of technology) Haahahah ……

Though Dhiraagu warless is available but the service is like a “Amaabuneethee farah dhaa usoolun”, In fact it’s better to say there is no connection at all, so I must stay out of all social networking sites and most importantly MSN and my mail for 33 days..… for me a single day without internet is like one long year… but I think can manage if I could engaged with some other activities. .


Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Women spend over Four Years on phone calls

Chatterbox girls spend more than FOUR Years of their lives on the phone. Women will make or receive an average of 288,000 calls in their lifetime, research shows. Those calls last a total of 42,000 hours — or 4.75 years. Men spend considerably less time yapping away — their 277,000 calls in a lifetime take up 28,500 hours or 3.25 years.

A study found that 55 per cent of Brits’ calls are work-related, with 45 per cent for personal reasons.

But we take twice as long over personal calls, which last about ten minutes on average whereas business calls are usually over in less than five minutes.

The research alsow showed British women are biggest gasbags, spending an incredible 14 hours 16 minutes a week talking on either mobile or landline.

Scouse girls are next most talkative, with weekly chats of 13 hours 48 minutes, followed by Brummies on 13 hours 27 minutes. The study, for mobile phone recycler phonepiggybank.com, found that half of people have a relative who hogs the phone.

It also revealed that eight out of ten lie in order to end a call from a motormouth. Favourite excuse is “Someone’s at the door” — followed by “I’ve got a pan on the hob” and “The kids are playing up”.

Seven out of ten have ignored their phone because they don’t want to talk to the caller, and 42 per cent let calls go to voicemail.

One in three thinks it is unacceptable to call after 10pm, and just 15 per cent are happy taking calls until midnight.

Nearly one in five has landed in hot water by leaving saucy or shocking messages on the WRONG number.

A spokesman for phonepiggybank.com said: “The figures are remarkable. It’s very easy to lose track of time while chatting on the phone, and it seems women are more prone to this than men.”