"" Welcome to my thoughts: February 2011

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Why change fail?

t’s estimated that up to 70 percent of new progames that were put into action fail. Be it a policy or introduction of a new technology or rebranding of a company. Why change effort does not produce any change or give results? We often buy things that may not fit into our society. We love stability, so we think a system that works well in one country may fit into ours with no modification. That is the typical mindset we all have. In fact, every human society is unique. It might be duce to their culture, belief system or geographic location.

When we want to adopt or bring a change, first we have to know the differences and similarities among ourselves. We can only build an empire based on common goal and interests. We have to let go some of our goals that are not similar with our partners. That is something that we all need to understand. We should communicate the big picture that you have in your mind. Success of change effort depends on the degree of conviction people have on the new beginning. Information that was seen useful and timely concerning the change favorably impact people’s attitude about the planed change.

If we failed to communicate reasons clearly why we need to experience new things or need to change, people start to resist one way or the other. It’s because people may think it doesn’t give any good to them and it might be general. If we don’t consider cultural factor, change might bring additional problem and conflict between existing culture and what is to be changed.