"" Welcome to my thoughts: March 2009

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Photoshop CS4

Yesterday I spent almost entire day playing with Photoshop CS4 to figure out how to edit pictures, change backgrounds and airbrushing. Previously I used CorelDraw software which was also OK; however I find that CS is much more fascinating.

If you want to try CS4 which is available free on the internet, just click here and select Photoshop CS4 extended. As this is a trial version I would encourage you to try this first before you spend big bugs and figure out how it works and see whether it could cater your needs. Though some of the filters are in software but some of it you need to buy to make it more advance editing. Here are some of my editing.

My first attempt of creating storm clouds- thunder & lightning effect and blending layers First attempt of changing background as a portrait


Thursday, March 26, 2009


Last one month I was very busy to finish my assignments and getting ready for exam, that’s the main reason I was unable to update my page. Though I had holidays after exam, my mind went blank and never knows what to write on……

During the semester break I had attended a fundamental DSLR course organized by SDW, taught by renowned Asian Animal Planet, Asian Geographic photographer Julian W. I learned some basic skills and techniques which could be used to improve my photography skills. Over the last one month I spent few days behind my lens, and crated impressive shots. I thought it is good idea to share with you some of my best shots I made.

Catani was curiously looking at it's foodpack

Honestly I dont know the name of this place, but I am sure there is some connection with Durian and this place

When i zoom my camera to capture him, he got excited and wants to show me his hand

Singapore local band performing in Mosaic music festival = Blank= Cattani -this is actually a public cat but we used feed him


Me with Juilan W.