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Saturday, September 22, 2007

Reporters Without Borders Condemns Journalist Majlis Ban

A Malé journalist banned from parliament must be allowed to return an international press freedom watchdog demanded yesterday. Miadhu reporter Lushan Saeed was banned from the Majlis when he refused to retract an article. On 3 September MP Mohamed Shafeeq (Sappé) was ordered to leave a People’s Majlis session for disobeying the speaker.Lushan reported Shafeeq was manhandled by three guards as he tried to re-enter the building. His article was published the same day. Lushan says he witnessed Shafeeq’s manhandling and reported it accurately.Sappé confirmed to Minivan News he was grabbed by the guards and Lushan was in a position to see it. more

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Raise again.....

I know it’s been ages that i haven’t post anything. it doesn’t mean that i lost my password or lost my interest. Honestly in our society people do thing carelessly. I may be one of that... heheeh The reality was i got busy with my office work those days and I had no chance to write. I spent all my time with my loving little girl. heheheh Please don’t ask who is she.... and after few days later i got chance to go for higher education. I knew that I may not get enough time to handover everything before I leave the office. Thanks Manager and all my collogues for their support and kind help rendered me, fortunately I transferred everything to my colleague Did. Now where am I?.... What am I talking??? Yes!! I got now. That was my second anniversary at Laguna Maldives.. 12.07.2007. Just after few days later I moved one of the most renowned countries in Asia “Singapore”. That was a new era to my life. People around me were very helpful and kind. I saw amazing engineering, which I have never see in Maldives. Nice buildings, Roads, and most importantly efficient transport system. On top of that the security, which was the greatest satisfaction I had. I like the food, especially some Malay food which I had never tried before. Though I miss my family very much, thanks God, I got an accommodation with very kind Young Couple. They treated me like their family member. I also did my level best to care them anyway possible. Honestly!!! I noticed one thing. These people like to live in cold environment, although the average temperature throughput the year was 27 to 32 C. to be continue…


Monday, July 30, 2007

Some places of hoarafushi

Al Masgidul furuqan of Hoarafushi

Hoarafushi Island Office

Hoarafushi Health Center

Harbour Mosque under construction


Sunday, April 22, 2007

Maldives man 'was not tortured

An independent autopsy in Sri Lanka has found no sign of torture on the body of a Maldives opposition supporter whose death sparked protests.

Hussain Salah's body was found near the capital, Male, a week ago The opposition Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) said Mr Salah had been killed in police custody. The procedure was carried out in Sri Lanka at the request of the dead man's family. The preliminary report showed that the cause of death was drowning. Physical violence was ruled out. more


Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Maldives anger over topless party

A leading opposition group in the Maldives has strongly criticised a lavish party held there last week by one of Britain's top businessmen.
The party was attended by a host of celebrities, including the singers George Michael and Jennifer Lopez.
It allegedly featured topless dancers, a giant Buddha statue and copious amounts of champagne. Critics say that such an event was incompatible with the conservative Muslim culture of the islands. more


Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Total of Seven Arrested For Gayoom Assassination Attempt

Police have arrested a total of seven people in connection with the attempted assassination of President Gayoom on 8 January, they announced at a press conference today.
They told reporters Mohamed Murushid, 20, has confessed to being the attacker and has said he intended to kill the President.Mohamed Hafiz, 18, has also confessed to being involved in the plot to kill Gayoom, according to police.
More ArrestsPolice arrested five people from Haa Alif Hoarafushi at the time of the attack, including Murushid and Hafiz.Assistant Commissioner of Police Abdullah Riyaz confirmed today that another two people had been arrested on the evening of 10 January.
Police did not name the two, but several sources have told Minivan News they are Ibrahim Adam and Ibrahim Amir, both teachers at the private Thauleemul Bayaan Koran school on the island.Until 11 January police had maintained Murushid was the only person detained in connection with the attack, but the new arrests bring the total to seven. more


Sunday, February 11, 2007

MDP Calls National Protest

The Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) has announced a nationwide protest in response to the recent violence and arrests.“We have called the protest to highlight the continued police brutality, the most recent manifestation of which is in Addu, but it is continuing,” said Hamid Abdul Gafoor, Secretary General of the MDP. The demonstration has been scheduled for February 25, which was the same date as the opening of the People’s Majlis. But the President’s Office announced on Thursday that the ceremony for the opening of parliament will be brought forward to February 22. The MDP’s National Council will meet this evening to decide the final details for the protest, including whether to change the date. But Acting President of the party, Ibrahim Hussein Zaki, told Minivan News on Thursday that if the MDP brings forward the protest, the government will again change the date of the Majlis opening, so there is “no point” in altering the date. Some MDP supporters are worried that February 25, more than two weeks away, is too late for a protest, as it will give the authorities too much time to prepare, but it is thought the National Council will stick to the original date. more


Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Risk Of Civil Disobedience, If President Refuses To Allow Interim Government?

There is a risk of civil disobedience, if President Gayoom refuses to ratify a potential Special Majlis bill concerning transitional arrangements, MDP Chairman Mohamed Nasheed (Anni) told Miadhu.The ruling DRP have rejected the notion of a transitional Government to implement the country’s new constitution ahead of next year’s multi-party elections. Gayoom told Dhaalu Meedho islanders recently there is no reason why Maldives should have a transitional Government, and said it is unnecessary for free and fair elections.The alliance, made up of opposition parties, says a free and fair election is not possible if Gayoom, himself a presidential candidate, presides over it. more