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Sunday, September 23, 2018

Ibrahim Mohamed Solih claims victory

Today people of Maldives has chosen Ibrahim Mohamed Solih (IMS) to be their president for next five year. He is the first island president in recent history, and this is 2nd president who belongs to Maldives Democratic Party (MDP). He competed as United Opposition (UO) Candidate, which means he should form Coalition government.
He and Faisal Naseem(VP) is having very promising pledges. Some of the remarkable items in UO are Judicial Reform, electing and running independent institution in its full meaning, giving breakfast for all school kids, providing free first degree, setting a minimum wage, introducing 6 months maternity leave, and one month paternity leave.
Yes, these changes sound promising but I still believe there are many other areas to be adjusted or look into before introducing HR related changes. I firmly belive employment act needs to be revised to cater these changes. Wide range of consultation with all the industries and stake holders must happen. Employment shock relating these changes needs to be studied very well. I hope the new government will form Ministry of Human Resource with full mandate. Based on the past experience, I firmly believe leading party needs to get enough parliament seats to make their campaign pledges to a reality. If not, 2012 may be the result.