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Saturday, September 17, 2016

Common Reasons Why People Fail At Interviews

There are several common reasons why people do not get the job after an interview. If you make sure you avoid these pitfalls, you will have a much better chance of landing your dream job.
Lack of experience
One of the most common reasons for an individual not getting the job is lack of experience. Many positions require someone who has some work history behind them and who has proven that they can do the job.
It is a catch 22: you can’t get a job without experience and you won’t get experience without a job. Fortunately, there are some companies who are willing to hire green candidates and train them as they go, and there are also internships available to start you off.
Not understanding the job role
Another common reason for failure is a misunderstanding of the job role. Many job seekers fail to understand what a job really entails before they apply.
If you are called for an interview and the interviewer realises that you have no idea what you are applying for, the whole process will usually be considered a waste of time.
Lack of skills
While you may get away with applying for a position that you do not have too much experience in, applying for a position without the basic skills required will get you nowhere.
Often, job seekers will apply for positions even when they simply do not have some of the important skills, hoping that other skills will make up for it or that the interviewer will simply overlook their lack of knowledge.
Unfortunately, this will never work.
Lack of knowledge of the subject
If you are a sales person applying for a position in a company that sells laboratory supplies, you should have some knowledge of the subject. Employers, particularly those in companies that have a very specific focus, need staff members who know their products well.
If you don’t have previous experience in a particular area, research it thoroughly before the interview.
No confidence
A lack of confidence can be extremely debilitating in an interview. Some job seekers find themselves so anxious and nervous that they are unable to think straight to answer questions and unable to articulate themselves properly.
Make sure to breathe properly before and during your interview to keep calm and think about taking a herbal remedy to keep your nerves at bay.
Showing up late
In any career punctuality is incredibly important. Arriving late for an interview shows a potential employer that you are irresponsible and that you can’t be trusted.
There is never an excuse for being late for an interview. Make sure to give yourself in enough time to negotiate heavy traffic and find parking.
Poor work history
If you have a poor work history, the potential employer will usually find out about it when they check your references.It is important that you avoid misconduct and always do your very best in whatever situation you are in to ensure that your references are always good.
Make sure that you actually want the jobs you apply for. If you’re not sure, your interviewer will be able to tell.
An unsuitable appearance
It is very important to dress smartly and to appear groomed, clean and tidy for your job interview. This does not necessarily mean that you have change the way you look and dress or remove your piercings, but you should try to neaten up.