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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Total of Seven Arrested For Gayoom Assassination Attempt

Police have arrested a total of seven people in connection with the attempted assassination of President Gayoom on 8 January, they announced at a press conference today.
They told reporters Mohamed Murushid, 20, has confessed to being the attacker and has said he intended to kill the President.Mohamed Hafiz, 18, has also confessed to being involved in the plot to kill Gayoom, according to police.
More ArrestsPolice arrested five people from Haa Alif Hoarafushi at the time of the attack, including Murushid and Hafiz.Assistant Commissioner of Police Abdullah Riyaz confirmed today that another two people had been arrested on the evening of 10 January.
Police did not name the two, but several sources have told Minivan News they are Ibrahim Adam and Ibrahim Amir, both teachers at the private Thauleemul Bayaan Koran school on the island.Until 11 January police had maintained Murushid was the only person detained in connection with the attack, but the new arrests bring the total to seven. more


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