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Saturday, July 30, 2005

Why called Hoarafushi

'Hoarafushi island is named after the hoara bird which used to be seen there. A hoara is a Greater Frigate bird' 'Usually seen soaring over the sea or circling an island, often so high as to appear a mere speck against the sky. Its flight is remarkably swift and graceful, and it remains on the wing throughout practically the whole day. It procures its food from the surface of the water or by compelling terns, gannets and other seabirds to disgorge their prey which it adroitly catches.' Hoarafushi island is also called Huvarafushi. It is one of the most northern islands in Maldives. The people who live in Hoarafushi claim to have originated from Gudhanfushi, a vanished island adjacent to Huvahandhoo. The population moved to Huvuhandhoo as Gudhanfushi eroded away. They later moved again to Hoarafushi. It is claimed that Hoarafushi used to be covered in massive Lettuce trees, Pisonia grandis. The new settlers called the island both Huvarafushi and Hoarafushi.Hathifushi Kaannaa Kaleygefaan was buried at the Kuda mosque of this island. He died on the 25 Safar 1338 (November 1919).In 1206 A.H., during the reign of King Hassan Nuraddheen, the royal Bodu Ban'deyri was Hathifushi Mohamed Handheygiri.

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