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Thursday, March 26, 2009


Last one month I was very busy to finish my assignments and getting ready for exam, that’s the main reason I was unable to update my page. Though I had holidays after exam, my mind went blank and never knows what to write on……

During the semester break I had attended a fundamental DSLR course organized by SDW, taught by renowned Asian Animal Planet, Asian Geographic photographer Julian W. I learned some basic skills and techniques which could be used to improve my photography skills. Over the last one month I spent few days behind my lens, and crated impressive shots. I thought it is good idea to share with you some of my best shots I made.

Catani was curiously looking at it's foodpack

Honestly I dont know the name of this place, but I am sure there is some connection with Durian and this place

When i zoom my camera to capture him, he got excited and wants to show me his hand

Singapore local band performing in Mosaic music festival = Blank= Cattani -this is actually a public cat but we used feed him


Me with Juilan W.


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