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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Maldivian Mujahid fighting in Pakistan

According to local media Ali Jaleel (Mus'ab Sayyid) was among one who was involved in an coordinated suicide attack unleashed in Pakistan on 27th May 2009.
At least 30 people including four officials of Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) and 14 policemen were killed while over 300 injured, scores of them critically, in the deadliest attack that completely destroyed Rescue 15 building and partially damaged ISI headquarters on Wednesday morning.
The terror operation started at 10:21am and ended at 10:24 am and within these three minutes the attackers accomplished their task. Three terrorists also died in the shootout and the blast, the police officials said. It has been learnt that one ISI Colonel was also killed in the attack. (read more on attack)
It was the first video footage of a Maldivian involved in such deadly attack. The present of the Maldives has recently told in an interview with CNN IBN that hundreds of Maldivian were being recruited by the Taliban. And further he states that at least 12 Maldivian had died in the war being waged in Wazeeristan. However Maldivian students studying in the Pakistan has rejected the president's comment.
The president's interview were highly criticized by opposition stating that such interview will have long term impact in Maldives Tourism and stability of the country. And also they believe that the figures he has given were too high, and its just a story made by his administration to win western government.
Nonetheless this video footage confirmed that Maldivians were also being recruited by the Al-Qaida's military.


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