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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Towards a united and harmonious society.

Once a great person has said “harmony is the key of success”, when we’re young we have seen how our parents worked closely with one another to build better society. We hear our parents saying that the diligent contributions made by our grandparents to build relationship with neighbors and weaving every fabric of our society with good manners. Although our ancestors had limited resources, they spent a happy life. They didn’t depend on government to do everything for them, rather they were keen to initiate themselves to build better infrastructure by themselves. Women in the society were the main drivers. They prepare food and drinks while men were working on building harbor. Their contributions were splendid towards their island’s development. When it came to service, they gave priority to their birth place.

Things have changed, all those days have become part of our history. We have forgotten the teaching of our parents and grandparents. We rarely see islanders getting together and working for the betterment of the societies. In fact we see competition within the island and with the neighbors. We don’t see youngsters respecting elders. Now we don’t bother when people in the next door starve with hunger. Familiar faces that were once part of the family are ignored in a deliberate manner. We’re so busy with our own things, and have no time to visit our family members and close relatives. It seems that we have forgotten our tradition which inherited from our ancestors.

What is wrong with us? Who should we blame? Every Individual in our society has a role to play. We have our own responsibilities in building our nation using the inheritance from the past. You have the role to play for the development of our society. During the inauguration of American President John F Kennedy once said “ask not what country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country”. Literally it is the motto that our grandparents followed.

Everything that has brought our parents to us may not be applicable in the 21st century; nonetheless humanistic approach could be used to build pleasant society. Since we are living in Islands everyone knows each other very well. Let us all make it a habit to greet each other, wearing a smile on our face and use Islamic manners which came to us from our prophet ( PBUH ) at all times . We need to put aside our political differences and think positively towards our people. We got to tell our children how important our neighbors are .We need to guide them from birth till they are old enough to proceed alone, so that they will be on the track and sure of themselves.

By concluding I would like to call upon all those who are in-charge of bringing up, guiding, teaching and any other aspect of this sort to widen your thoughts about our children. Take the necessary actions before it is too late. By approaching them this way we can mould them the way we want. We can build up our nation by putting a great in raising our children within the limits and boundaries of Islamic faith. May Almighty Allah guide us towards the right path. Aameen.


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