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Sunday, January 31, 2010

How to install Dhivehi Fonts to Iphone

Since I was able to  install Dhivehi fonts to my phone after jailbreak, but some experts say it is possible to do it without jailbreak or Cydia too. You may need to download and install this software in order to do it (without jailbreak). And also note that I am using Windows Vista. I think it works in Mac & XP as well.

Here is the stuff that you need before you start installation

1- Download WinSCP, to use desktop Click here for instruction, how to use WinSCP

2- Click here to download Dhivehifonts and Plist for iphone/itouch. And extract it.

3- From cydia, install OpenSSH

Now you have everything that you want to start, and here is a step by step approach

1- Open WinSCP and synchronies with your iphone/itouch

2- Find ““root/system/library/fonts/Cache”. Copy and paste fonts to Cache folder

3- Copy “CGFontCache.plist” into the “root/system/libarary/fonts

4- That’s all; make sure you restart your phone to see the changes.

You can also use DiskAid toinstall fonts and other applications into your iphone. I find this software bit easy to use, although it has some limitations compare to WinSCP.





Anonymous said...

it working thnk u

Wasymbe said...

Very informative one.