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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Star company

Organization wants to hire the best and brilliant talents. Companies often approach most elite education institutions to seek such a talents. In fact, some of these organizations struggle to retain brightest employees, building cohesive team and increase competitive advantage. Why companies unable to meet intended goals by bringing brainiest people? When we looked at Enron, a company that vowed to attract the brainiest and most high-powered people in its field, and who promised that spending a few years there would give them the skills and mindset they needed to do whatever they wanted with the rest of their lives, and we know how that turned out.

If a system is not strategize well and fully integrate with supporting operational functions, no company would succeed in ever changing world. There is a difference between attracting brainiest talents and building a brilliant system. The most successful organizations are the one where the system is the star.

To build such a system, Initiations should come from the top most people, especially owners and the most senior management team. Companies must utilize and tap every single talents, and technologies which may help to gain competitive advantage. Embracing to technology smoothen the operations and produces good results. Furthermore, cultural influences are another factor that needs to be addressed to build such a system.


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