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Saturday, May 16, 2015

Leading to Identity crisis

When the constitution forbids any kinds of discrimination among Maldivian, it is surprising that some MPs who supports current government openly encourages discrimination among Maldivians. Whether a person belongs to South, North or Central region of Maldives we are referred as “Maldivian”. We all hold same passport and same national identity.  Therefore Every Maldivian who lives in Maldives is equal regardless of the region the person belongs.

Silence of the government on his remark clearly depicts government’s stance on the issue. It really is a serious issue. Today, if we don’t take it seriously, in time to come regional segregation could widespread and may go out of control.  It may lead for tribalism. Some of our neighboring countries are still struggling to come out of racial and ethnics fights.

One may believe that living in Male’, the capital of Maldives is easy, and it’s a choice. However, it is not the case. People move from one place to another for a reason. For some reason, the facilities in Male’ are far more better compared to rest of the country. It is a known fact that any part of the world's capital city is given priority on many things, be it health, medicine, economic activities and education. The one who wants better life will definitely moves to Male’. 

It is a constitutional right that anyone Maldivians can move freely to any island. No one can stop that. Furthermore, basic necessities for living are assured by the constitution. Therefore, if governing authorizes are failing to facilitate or provide what was assured, it is normal that people will raise their concerns. I agree that there must be a boundary and limit for people to raise such concerns.

I believe that MP Riyaz Rasheed MUST apologize from islanders for the irresponsible comments he made, be it politically motivated. Moreover, government and human rights commission should not be silent on it, and must guide such misguided MPs for the betterment of the nation, and encourage to accept diversity.


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