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Sunday, January 28, 2018

Formation of HR Association in Maldives

After very 8 months of challenging battle ground, finally today we were able to register first ever professional HR Association in Maldives. Yes, i am one of the founders, Ahmed Ibrahim from Bank of Maldives, Hussain Afeef from Lux are the other two founders. We discussed the ideas with many other HR Practitioners and academia whom we know, they all agreed to give their full support to us.
I have been having this idea for long period of time but it was just an idea, it had never become a reality. This time Ahmed was the one who came to me with HR Association idea. We were not friends before, but i heard about him when he was working in resort. This time he approached me through a common friend. When he asked about the key people we could be approaching, we discussed about many names such as Ali Saleem, Mohamed Alim, Mohamed Mauroof, Ahmed Farish, Ibrahim Moosa, Aminath Sharly, Mohamed Athif, Ali Najeeb, Ahmed Faiz, Mohamed Gasim, Ismail Shiyar, Hassan Shamaam and of cause Hussain Afeef. Ahmed was already discussed the idea with Afeef and he agreed to sign the paper for registration. Within a week we have submitted the form to Ministry of Home Affairs, and it kept on hold as usual. 
We also discussed keeping the NGO inclusive to all the industries across the Maldives. Since I worked in Tourism all my life, i did not know many HR people working in other industries hut Ahmed is aware of some of the other industries. We were able to get people from Banking and finance, Tourism, Health, Construction, Education, and Telecom. We also gave our priority to include Women participation in HR Association. Ahmed was the one who gave NGO name as Maldives Association of Human Resources Professionals (MAHRP). The logo was also proposed by him. We will propose logo in our general meeting as per NGO rules. Let's hope MAHRP will continue making history in Maldives. 
To me it seems gov doesn't want such NGOs to be formed due to political reasons as these days gov keep stopping many such NGOs. You can read more about the MAHRP from its website


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