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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

When is the person modesty insulted?

Did women who accused shop assistant of taking her photo without permission overcorrected??
IF SOMEONE took a photo of you in a public place without getting your permission, would you ignore it and go on your way? Or would you confront the person, demand to see the picture and ask for an apology?

Or even, like this woman, go to the police and file a magistrate's complaint, despite the man's denials and her failure to find any such picture?

In February, Miss Simone Erasmus was in an electronics store in Paya Lebar when she noticed a shop assistant snapping pictures of her with his handphone camera.

She and her boyfriend then confronted the man and demanded that he show them the pictures of her that he had allegedly taken.

They could not find any pictures, but complained to his manager and claimed they eventually got an apology from the man.

Taking pictures in public

It is generally not against the law to take photos of people in public.

According to the law, whether a person's modesty is insulted depends on the facts and the circumstances of the case, as well as the conduct of the person taking the photograph.

Mr Edmond Pereira, 59, a criminal lawyer and former district judge, told The New Paper that if a photo was taken of a fully-dressed woman in a public place, it is hard to argue that her modesty has been compromised, or that the person taking the photograph had any intention to insult her modesty. Read more


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