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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Unsafe SCUBA Diving could be deadly …

When I saw my friend's (Ayya) facebook status update, it caught me by surprise. It says that "Mohamed Thaleeem was dead due to irresponsible diving". Mohamed (Mode) is distant relative of my gurl, and everyone in his family was really kind for me when I was with them during the presidential election 2008.

Since I'm a certified dive master and based on my experience I am pretty sure that SCUBA diving is also one of the safest activities, if one follows the proper procedures and guidelines. It's sad to say that SCUBA diving with no proper training is common in some parts of the Maldives, especially among for those who search for lobster, echinoderms as a profession. And number of deadly incident happens every year.

According to my friend, Mode was with his group searching for echinoderms and he didn't complain for to any sorts of sickness before and during their trip. As usual they paired and went for searching echinoderms and he signaled his buddy that something was going wrong with him and asked for quick ascend. And during his assent he lost his consciousness and found that he was dead.

What went wrong with him was a mystery, since he was unconscious when he reached to surface, and there was no post-mortem to identify cause of death.

My earnest advice for all of my friend is pls do the proper training and follow the diving rules when you do it.

May Allah bless him and rest in peace.


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crown lanta koh lanta said...

It is also safer to have a regular checkup with a physician if you are into scuba diving. There may be complications or potential hazards that you are exposed to that only your doctor will no. It was sad what happened to your friend.