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Thursday, October 29, 2009

What matters to you most?

Imaging that you're on a holiday, and walking on the beach during the sunny day…. Wherever you looked at you probably will see beautiful hot chicks in bikini lying on the beach. Of cause some were topless… wow. But they were lying on chest down…………hahahah.. too bed.. anyway

If someone stares at them most cases they won't really bother, in fact it could be distressed. In most extreme cases some chicks will try to show them… you know what I mean right.. hahaha

Let's change the scenario; same hot chicks you have seen on the beach yesterday.. but this time they were in a Shopping Mall. Now, do you think they will show what they wore inside? One might say yes…. Do you think that they won't take any seriously if someone stares at them? That old same voyeur might say yes!!

In this case majority chicks don't like others to see what they wore as undergarments. I really don't understand why they act differently in this situation….

So my question is what matters to them most in these two cases? is it because they don't want spoil their holiday by arguing with others or whether to show or not to show is based on how majority people behave in both scenarios…

Upskirt at Oktoberfest - Full Movie from DirtyPierre on Vimeo.


Another story

This is very unique thing I figured it out in Maldives… again relating to same hot chick hahaha.. guess what???

This time chicks were on their "natural break" and when they go to buy "sanitary pad" for them, most cases shopkeeper will parcel it before handed it to customers. Isn't it wonderful???? This is very common especially in the Islands.

So again, I was wondering what was the rationale behind this? Is it because these chicks don't want other to know that they were on break…. Or just they don't like its original packaging?? Honestly I never see this in any other counties I ever travelled…


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there is a place and time for everything,