"" Welcome to my thoughts: Climate change and Sea level rising controversial issue..

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Climate change and Sea level rising controversial issue..

When I was reading Maldives' underwater cabinet meeting was a sorry stunt" I was really puzzled. I had an impression why former and current administrations were so busy with putting their own citizen on psychological trauma just for the sake of publicity and to seek international Aid.

I do believe some Islands were badly experiencing problem of soil erosion, and government is forced to find some permanent solution for it.

Since global warming and sea level rising is controversial issue, but it's certain that if world's natural resources is not being increased proportionality with the increasing population, it's possible to face some detrimental impact to our life style.

Some scientist believes sun is the mean driver of climatic change, on other hand others claim that it's due to industrial activity.

Please click here to download research paper done by Moner, Tooley and Possnert on New perspectives of the future of the Maldives. According to this research in the past people of the Maldives has survived a higher sea level of about 50-60 cm…



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